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Q Infiltrator Austin Steinbart, Arrested – Reappears

Austin Steinbart, Q impostor, movement infiltrator and mentally ill maniac has, at last, been sequestered from our streets and cyber-streets.

Anons and patriots celebrated across the Interwebs today as the news of his arrest for cyber crime broke this morning. According to the court docket, Austin was arrested on March 26, and in a humerous twist of fate, enjoyed his first court appearance on April Fool’s Day.

United States of America, Plaintiff
Austin Steinbart, Defendant

The Complaint

From the court filing –
“Defendant Austin Steinbart (“STEINBART”) caused thousands of emails to flood a victim company’s support email system between March 21, 2020, and continuing at least until March 25, 2020, impairing the integrity or availability of data, a program, a system, or information.”

“STEINBART caused this flood of emails with the intent to extort the victim company into returning him with access to certain computer files he identified as the “amorphous archive.”

“The victim company removed STEINBART’s posted files because some of them allegedly contained private third-party information that STEINBART misappropriated from his contract work with CenturyLink.”

“Mentally Unstable”

In a memorandum regarding detention, the State Attorney stated:

“STEINBART is a danger to the community and is unlikely to follow any Courtimposed conditions of release because he appears to have significant unaddressed mental health issues, he has demonstrated a propensity to make threatening communications, and he has shown a willingness to escalate his criminal conduct even after being admonished by the FBI.”

“Accordingly, the United States recommends that STEINBART be ordered detained pending trial as a flight risk and a danger to the community. STEINBART appears to have unaddressed behavioral or mental health issues, so—if the Court is not inclined to detain STEINBART until trial—the United States recommends that STEINBART be at least detained for the short term to allow for mental health testing and placement into an appropriate halfway house or group home.”

“The United States further requests that the Court restrict STEINBART’s ability to use the internet and all other social media platforms while the case is pending.”

Under Home Incarceration

Austin was released without bond, but placed under Home Incarceration.

(Home Incarceration) The defendant is restricted to his/her residence at all times except for medical necessities and court appearances or other activities specifically approved by the court.”

Austin was ordered to submit to location monitoring technology at the officer’s discretion.

Remote Internet & Computer Monitoring Program

Also denied the use of devices bar one permitted, monitored and tracked computer and one cell phone, Austin was ordered to participate in the Remote Internet and Computer Monitoring Program.

Knowing his past, what could possibly go wrong?

Government’s Concerns

From the docket:
“Here is a sampling of some of the government’s concerns:”

– In January of 2020, STEINBART went to a California clinic for a brain scan at the behest of his parents. This California clinic provides holistic treatments for behavior issue. While there, STEINBART gained unauthorized access to protected patient information on the clinic’s computer and recorded the patient information in a video.

– On March 5, 2020, STEINBART posted a threat against the Queen of Denmark on his YouTube account.


– On March 13, 2020, STEINBART posted the January 2020 video on his YouTube account, exposing sensitive patient information to the public. See (video below) at 5 minute mark.



– The California clinic learned of the patient information disclosure and asked STEINBART to take down the video. STEINBART refused to take down the video and, in one of many text exchanges with the clinic, STEINBART made unusual comments about being a Defense Intelligence Agency officer immune from prosecution:

After some further exchanges, STEINBART reposted the video, and made the following threat against the clinic:

“Referred to himself as a ‘spy'”

– On March 19, 2020, the FBI made contact with STEINBART at his home in Chandler to discuss his disclosure of sensitive patient information. During this interview, STEINBART referred to himself as a “spy” and claimed to receive messages from himself in the future. STEINBART claimed to be protected by the Defense Intelligence Agency (“DIA”), and that he receives direction on what to do from the DIA. The FBI asked STEINBART to remove the videos with the patient information and he refused.

– Shortly after meeting the FBI on March 19, STEINBART then escalated his conduct by extorting a victim company in Connecticut by directing his YouTube followers to engage in a coordinated email flood attack.

– STEINBART directed this email denial of service type attack by posting a video (below) with the following comment:



– On March 23, 2020, STEINBART posted another YouTube video. See
(video below).

In this video, STEINBART claimed to be the new DIA commander. He discussed the “email blockade” on the victim company and provided additional victim company email addresses for his supporters to target. STEINBART also provided the victim company’s tech support number and urged his supporters to call in and dial 9 for emergency support.


– On March 23, STEINBART made a threatening communication to the victim company’s CEO over Twitter and discussed his involvement with the DIA:


– On March 24, 2020, STEINBART posted a YouTube video where he discusses his involvement with the DIA and Spaceforce and thanks his supporters for their data blockade of the victim company. See


Last Heard

Austin suddenly disappeared off the radar on March 26th, just after the Qanon community had well and truly rejected him, and ‘infiltrators’ were called out by Q.  Here’s Austin’s last tweet –

Q: Infiltrator

And here is Q’s series of posts, widely recognised by the  Q community as referring to Austin Steinbert –



Update – Austin Suddenly Re-appears


Eyes On

Austin is scheduled to appear in court for the first hearing in Arizona today, 4/7/20 at 10am.

The full court docket is available here.

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California engineer ran train ‘off the end of rail tracks’ in attempted attack on USNS Mercy in Los Angeles, DOJ says

California engineer ran train ‘off the end of rail tracks’ in attempted attack on USNS Mercy in Los Angeles, DOJ says

 A California man faces federal charges after officials allege he ran a train “at full speed off the end of rail tracks” near the U.S. Naval Ship Mercy, the 1,000-bed floating hospital that arrived in the Port of Los Angeles last week amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro was charged Wednesday with one count of train wrecking after the Tuesday incident, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement. Moreno told police he believed the Mercy had “an alternate purpose related to COVID-19 or a government takeover,” according to the DOJ.


Wll we see this story turn into another Qanon Conspiracy Theorist goes nuts? Was this man MKultra victim? Do you know that in the early days of assassins in the US all the assassins had the book “Catcher in the Rye” on their bookshelf?

How ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ is linked To JFK, John Legend, and Rebecca Schaeffer –

It was simultaneously one of the most taught books in schools and heavily censored from the early 60′-80’s. In some school districts, it made their banned books list. To add to the book’s controversy it has since been found on/ in the possession of some of the most infamous murders or attempted murders of high-profile American figures causing the conspiracy theories that it is a trigger for “sleeper assassins”. That’s right. One of the greatest pieces of literary work is rumored to be used by the United States government to murder people.

Project MKULTRA, The CIA’sProgram Of Research InBehavioral Modification


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